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Vision :- To provide a unique and value-baesd preschool learning that will offer a powerful and sound foundation to young children affordable prices. We aim at strengthening of children.

  • To provide value based, technology enriched primary education.
  • To initiate all possibilities of exploring and unfolding the hidden capacities of young minds
  • We believe in following a unique but flexible Curriculum.
  • Our institution is service oriented rather than profit oriented.
  • The play way method is best suited for age groups 2 to 3. At this stage the child progresses. Considering this, our facilitators prepare them for future and enable them to broaden their vision.
  • We enable them to learn and grow together by creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.
  • Above all we will endeavour to create a happy environment, so that a child never sees school with antipathy rather she/he feels motivated to go to school.
  • Security and hygiene are our major concern.
  • We focus on fostering Language skills and Cognitive skills


Mission Statement:- The kindergarten classes promise to work together, play together and learn together.


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