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The way children are nurtured and groomed in their formative years make them productive citizens as adults . With this vision Vardhman roots has come up with child centric  Play Way method of education. We aim at giving purposeful childhood to the little ones .We believe in providing value based Technology enriched education. We  follow a unique but flexible curriculum. We aim at initiating all possibilities of exploring and unfolding hidden capacities of young minds .We also ensure trained and compassionate faculty to provide a comfortable environment for allround development of the toddlers maintaining the teacher student  ratio of 20:2 in each class. We will endeavour to create a happy environment so that a child never sees school with antipathy.   If you are looking for a healthy ,secured ,congenial environment then Vardhman Roots serves the purpose. 











This play school which will start functioning on 1st of April 2020 is our latest venture. We Firmly believe that every child is unique. How children are  nurtured and groomed in their formative years makes them productive citizens as adults. This is where play schoolshave a very important role to play. With this vision we have come up with child  centric medium of education.


Today alarmingly for most parents mobile, television and other gadgets are ruling their children's lives. We aim at inculcating Eastern culture with its emphasis  on discipline, respect  and hardwork with western approach of inquiry and innovation under the able guidance of experienced and dedicated teachers. Every child has unique potential. Our  teaching team believes each child shoulc be treated as a standalone project as every one has different strengths and capabilities. We aim at giving a purposeful childhood to the little tots. 

Every child has the capacity to become a creative individual only if she gets a perfect start. If the roots are strong it becomes easy for the child to fulfil his destiny.

Our mission therefore is to create disciplined, dedicated and knowledgeable future Indians. We believe in good inter-personal relationship between the teacher and 

the little buds rather  than only depending on gadgets for grooming them.Here kids will explore,evolve learn and grow happily. We believe in nourshing children with values at this tender age. 

If yoa are looking for a glorious future then Vardhman Roots is the place to be.


Eligibility for Admission :- 2 to 3 years

Method of Teaching :- Play way with a practical approach

Curriculum : - Theme based, planned child centric curriculum.

Vision :- To establish unique value based play school that will often a powerful and sound foundation toyoung children with latest technology  at affordable price.

1. To provide value based, techonology enriched primary education.
2. To initiate all possibilities of exploring and unfolding the hidden capacities of young minds .
3. We believe in following a unique but flexible Curriculum.
4. Our institution is service oriented rather than profit oriented.
5. The play way method is best suited for age groups 2 to 3. At this stage the child progresses. Considering this, our facilitators will prepare them for future and enable them to broaden their vision.
6. We will enable them to learn and grow together by creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.
7. Above all we will endeavour to create a happy environment , so that a child never sees school with antipathy rather s/he feels motivated to go to school.
8. Security and hygiene are our major concern.

Future Plans :- We will be extending our wings in the near future from pre-primary to HKG.

Extra Curricular Activities

1. Celebrations of Festivals, Events and Birthdays

2. Monthly Themes

3. Educational Visits

4. Sports Week

5. Magic and Puppet Shows

6. Summer Camps

7. Amusement Zone (Fun with Water, Sand and Toys)

8. Coloring

9. Fun at Kitchen Corner

10. Live Demo

Enrichment Classes

1. Dance and Music

2. Fitness Zone (Yoga and Gym)

3. Aerobics

4. Self Defence

5. Vocabulary Building

6. Mental Maths

7. Table Manners

8. Hand Writing Improvement

9. Artistic and Creative take aways.

10. Book Club


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